Taiwan Building Technology Center -- GBMC

 Green Building Materials Center  (GBMC)



The center was founded to bring together Taiwan Tech faculty involved in research on "green materials" and "construction and building materials."  The center focuses its research on high-performance green building materials (GBM), healthy GBM, recycled GBM, and eco-friendly GBM. The center has already achieved excellent results in its basic research to develop high-performance GBM with new functions. Moreover, the center has applied this basic research in the development of 3-in-1 opto-electronic glass.


This type of glass has solar energy production and renewable energy features and generates more power than traditional solar cells do. The key technology involved has already been successfully licensed to industry. In addition, the center is developing high-performance structural materials, environmentally friendly materials, and functional building materials in collaboration with the Energy and Environment Research Laboratories of the Industrial Technology Research Institute and the Architecture and Building Research Institute of the Ministry of the Interior of the R.O.C. The purpose of this research is to reduce consumption of building materials, lessen the burden on the environment, and save energy. It is estimated that effectively reducing waste from civil engineering and increasing the recycling and reuse of materials will reduce the amount of materials used by 2 million tons a year.