Taiwan Building Technology Center -- IBRC

Intelligent Building Research Center  (IBRC)


The center aims to utilize modern technology to enhance the various functions of buildings in order to create a high-quality living and working environment.  The center’s research focuses on such areas as “always available and accountable communications platforms,” “intelligent lighting and display systems,” and “surveillance and system integration.”  The research team combines faculty from the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the College of Design.


A building’s communications platform, which acts as the nervous system of the building, must support all types of data communications, such as audio/video, telecommunications, entertainment, health care, and security. Intelligent lighting aims to create a natural light source that interacts positively with human physiology and offers phototherapy.  It accomplishes this by simulating the changing intensity of sunlight through the day, from morning through noon until dusk, which can have a positive therapeutic effect on those suffering from depression and on senior citizens. Intelligent building system integration includes home care, security, intelligent household platforms and interfaces, intelligent robots, etc.